We are an innovative team

of dedicated individuals whose passion and care aid in saving lives through providing humanitarian assistance.


Jewish communities efforts


178 Jewish communities, dozens of educational institutions


humanitarian aid and support for individuals, orphanages, penitentiary institutions and Armed Forces of Ukraine


lives of civilians, affected by war

We are an innovative team

Rabbi Mayer Stambler

Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine

Rabbi Raphael Rutman

Executive Vice Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine

Rabbi Levi Matusof

Representative of the FJCU in the European Parliament

Alina Teplitskaya

CEO of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine

Vadym Zhurbenko

Head manager of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine

Ksenia Onufriychuk

PR&marketing manager

Our mitzvah is saving lives

Rabbi Mayer Stambler

"When COVID-19 first hit Ukraine, we oversaw the creation of support networks to provide ritual items and kosher food to families and individuals celebrating Jewish holidays in isolation. Two years later we been forced to mobilize those same volunteer networks — this time to provide basic necessities to the people of Ukraine.

When the war had started, nobody in the whole world believed that Ukraine could stand for more than a week. And yet, here we are, living through a year-long miracle.

As emissaries of the Chabad movement, we are trained to provide for every need of the Communities: to build Jewish schools, kosher canteens and so on. But no one prepares you to be a logistics center, providing medications and coordinating relief efforts.

We are blessed to have the strength to do it: when you have to jump in the water you just do it, because no one else can do it for you. And with Hashem’s help we have saved thousands of lives. It is our mitzvah."

Our Impact

We created 2 kosher refugee centers in Poland and Hungary, arranged safe accommodation for IDPs in Ukraine

We provided psychological and medical assistance

We processed documents for repatriation and evacuation

We created a 24-hour emergency line

We coordinated evacuations across Ukraine

We distributed thousands of tons of humanitarian aid